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The Teacher’s Guide to Using YouTube in the Classroom

With trends moving more towards the use of technology in the classroom, there is an increasing need for instructors to be come tech-savvy. This article articulates many ways in which YouTube can be used as resources both for instructors and students as well. This is an article that I intend to go back to as I am quite interested in developing a ‘flipped classroom’ model for some courses that I will be teaching. The site goes through the process of not only posting vidoes, but also posting quizzes as well which would be especially usefull.


Instructional Process/Strategies

This Youtube video creativly illustrates the importance of actively engaging students in being involved in their own learning. One statement it makes that is especially key is that if students work at learning, they will learn more. This video will improve my instruction by reminding me to move away from the lecture style of teaching, towards a more interactive learning experience. It serves as a good reminder to not give too much information away right off the bat, as the students will retain it easier and longer if they work through the problem solving process to get to their goal.

Motivational Techniques

Motivating Adult Learners

I chose this website because it gives multiple examples of how to lay the ground work for motivating adult learners.  For each example it explains why it is especially important to adult learners.  This website will improve my instruction by being a quick reference for some exercises to utilize in my classes to foster the intrinsic motivation of each of my students. When I read through the qualities of a creative leader, it motivates me to try to emulate those qualities to be a more effective motivator of my students. It fules my drive to strive for excellence!

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Energize Your Classroom With Humor

I found this article quite entertaining as I quite enjoy the use of humour in my classroom and it was nice to see the actual benefit of it in the classroom setting. This article articulated the fact that there are many purposes of humour in the classroom including gaining and maintaining student’s attention, and promoting critical thinking and creativity.  First, this will improve my instruction because, as the article points out, students cannot laugh and snore at the same time. The students become engaged with the instructor and subject matter if they find it humorous.  Second, by using fun scenarios for students to work through, they can develop their problem solving skills in a way that does not seem like work. Learning outcomes can be achieved in very creative ways.

Charicteristics of Adult Learners

Characteristics of Adult Learners

I chose this website because it clearly explains Malcolm Knowles’ theory of Andragogy and what an adult learner looks like. It uses text, diagrams, links to other articles, and a Youtube video to outline the theory. This website is a quick reference point that briefly outlines the characteristics of adult learners as well as the guiding principles for adult education. It is a great starting point when working on lesson planning as the principles outlined are a great guide for any lesson plan.